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Video panoramas offer an unique way to present a product, an event or a location in a whole new way. Thereby the viewer becomes the center of the scene and can actively participate in the video panorama ... curious?

Our Innovation

With our 360° videos we want to give a new impetus to the digital media industry and leave the photo panoramas, virtual tours as well as the traditional videos behind us. The 360° videos go one evolutionary step further and offer a new possibility to present locations, brands or events
in a different way.

It is a completely new experience to rotate around 360 degree within the video and to interact with the scene. The moving pictures can better convey the atmosphere, the flair and the feelings and create a unique experience. Perfect to stand out from the crowd.

Are you interested in a brief summary of our product? So don't hesitate to watch our product video and get to know more about our interactive 360° videos in only 60 seconds.


Holi Festival Video Panorama - mintwo.com

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